Puntee GAA Goalkeeper Kicking Tee


The Puntee GAA goalkeeper kicking tee lets you kick further. More accurate. Adds consistency whilst also reducing the risk of injury.

This Puntee GAA Kicking Tee delivers long & driven kick-outs with greater consistency. The tee is flexible enough to give way on impact, yet strong enough to support the weight of the ball. Approved by the GAA and sports medics alike, the Puntee kicking tee reduces the risk of goalkeeper injuries.

  • Bristled – 2″ small/2.5″ medium/ 3.5″ large GAA kicking tee
  • Used by goalkeepers to achieve greater distance
  • Lets you kick further and more accurately
  • Does not damage playing surfaces
  • Reduces the risk of injuries
  • Approved by sports medics
  • Does not damage playing surfaces
  • Official GAA Merchandise

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